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Resistive Touch Screens & Touch Screen Terminals

At Dyna-Graphics we design, manufacture and engineer resistive touch screens in both industry-standard sizes and custom configurations to meet your individual requirements. Our touch screen terminals are available in 4-wire5-wire, and 8-wire resistive configurations. All three options utilize ITO (indium tin oxide) top and bottom layers. Dyna-Graphics provides the innovative and experienced analog resistive touch screens you need.

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Resistive touch screens are also known as HMI (human-machine interfaces), or operator interfaces. These devices are generally delivered to customers as passive components; that is, without driver circuitry. To further assist you in this area, we can recommend suitable drivers for any of our analog touch screen terminals.

Contact Dyna-Graphics for more information on our high performance resistive touch screen technology, or request a quote on analog touch screen terminals and touch screen overlay options for your application. 

Resistive Vs. Capacitive Touch Screens

There are several differences regarding capacitive and resistive touch screens. Capacitive touchscreens work by sensing the conductive properties of an object, usually the skin on the fingertip. A capacitive screen usually has a glass face and does not rely on pressure. When it come to swiping or pinching of the screen, capacitive screens are more responsive. However, they can only be touched with a finger, they will not respond to touches with a glove, regular stylus or most other objects.

Resistive touchscreens work based off pressure applied to the screen. A resistive screen consists of numerous layers. When the screen is pressed, the outer later is pushed onto the next layer — the technology senses that weight is being applied and records input. Resistive touchscreens are versatile as they can be operated with a finger, a fingernail, a stylus or any other object.

Resistive Touch Screen Terminal Options

Resistive analog touchscreens are available in a few different options, depending on your project requirement needs. Our available resistive touch screen options are available as follows:

4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen Terminals

Our 4 wire resistive touch screens are an economical option for applications, such as:

  • Industrial-grade personal computers
  • Portable electronic devices
  • Consumer components
  • Remote controls

Analog 4-wire resistive is the most basic sensing method of resistive technology.

5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen Terminals

Dyna-Graphics' 5 wire touch screen terminals are highly durable devices that are commonly used in numerous resistive touch screen devices, including:

The difference between an analog 5-wire resistive sensor and a 4-wire, is that the 5-wire consists of top and bottom sheets which are facing each other with a gap in between.

8 Wire Resistive Touch Screen Terminals

Our analog 8 wire resistive touchscreens are extremely accurate. Touch screen terminals featuring 8-wire construction can be found in a wide variety of applications, including:

An analog 8-wire resistive sensor is pretty much the same as a 4-wire, except that with an 8-wire there are additional wirings connected to each electrode. 

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As one of the industry’s leading touch screen manufacturers, Dyna-Graphics can provide the right type of resistive touch screen for any application. Contact us for more information on our analog resistive touch screens, or request a quote today.

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Dyna-Graphics is an ISO 9001:2015 certified HMI (Human Machine Interface) solutions company. Additionally, all manufactured membrane switches and overlays are RoHS Compliant.

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