Agricultural Membrane Switches, Touch Screens & Rubber Keypads

Dyna-Graphics' membrane switches, touch screen interfaces, and rubber keypads are ideal for use in nearly any agricultural application. Through heat, cold, sun, rain, humidity, dust, and dirt, our operator interfaces are built to withstand the elements and repeated use in even the roughest environments and requirements.

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Agricultural Membrane Switches

Perfect for use in tractor cabs, our agricultural membrane switches can be used to operate GPS navigation systems, seeding controls, and more.

  • Watertight for use in irrigation system controls
  • Rugged construction for many long years of use
  • Can be sealed to keep out dust, dirt & moisture
  • Custom design options available to fit your specific needs. Contact us with your custom requirements

Agricultural Touch Screens

Dyna-Graphics’ agricultural touch screen terminals utilize 4-wire, 5-wire, and 8-wire resistive technology to provide highly-accurate performance in challenging applications.

  • Non-glare finishes available for use in sunlight
  • Available with weather-resistant construction for outdoor use
  • Can be sealed to keep out dust, dirt & moisture
  • Easily retro-fit to work with your existing equipment

Agricultural Rubber Keypads

Used alone or in conjunction with membrane switches, our agricultural rubber keypads provide a user-friendly, tactile HMI solution for a broad range of equipment.

  • Weather resistant for outdoor use
  • Long operational lifetime for years of reliable use
  • Can be sealed to keep out dust, dirt & moisture
  • Extremely versatile for a wide range of uses
  • Custom design options available. Contact us with your custom requirements

Contact Us for Reliable Agricultural HMI Solutions

Whatever the equipment or application may be, Dyna-Graphics can provide the perfect agricultural membrane switches, rubber keypads, and touch screen interfaces for your needs. Request a quote or contact us today.

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