Graphic Overlay Printing

Graphic overlays are thin films printed as the top layer of a product. They apply printed graphics and text to label controls to provide instructions or safety warnings while serving one or two purposes: a decorative layer or a functional layer. Decorative graphic overlays focus more on aesthetics and are customized with graphics, logos, or product information. Functional overlays are designed for backlighting applications, membrane switches and rubber keypads or as a touch screen interface for control panels.

As a leading graphic overlay manufacturer, Dyna-Graphics uses advanced systems and technology to create graphic overlays in any shape and sizes up to 30”x40”. We can print almost any aesthetic design or format, and we specialize in graphic overlays as static components for membrane switches and rubber keypads. Our experts will help you create a design that meets your aesthetic and functional needs.

Why Choose Custom Graphic Overlay Printing?

Custom graphic overlays manufactured by Dyna-Graphics come with many advantages. Whether used for cosmetic improvements or functionality, graphic overlays provide increased durability, the ability to withstand dust, and create moisture protection to the surface of electronic devices. Using chemical-resistant materials further protects control panels during applications involving regular cleaning or sanitizing. We will create a custom graphic overlay to meet your individual project’s demands.

Graphic Overlays Customization Capabilities

Custom graphic overlays create bright colors and clear designs on a wide range of substrates and materials. Dyna-Graphics offers special ultraviolet selective textures and hard coat treatments to protect lens areas from chemicals and scratching. Backlighting can also be added to the overlay to improve visibility in low-light applications. 3M adhesives enhance the performance of your overlay and are selected based on your operating environment and substrate. Customization can add features to these overlays that can provide enhanced protection from temperature extremes, harsh chemical, dirt and dust and frequent cleaning regimens.

Our team takes pride in delivering custom graphic overlays that meet or exceed stringent specifications and requirements. Some of Our many graphic overlay design, manufacturing, and customization capabilities include:

  • In-house embossing
  • Laser & die cutting
  • Custom screen printing
  • Digital printing
  • Prototyping

These capabilities allow us to produce different textures such as gloss or matte finishes on your graphic overlay. We can also produce graphic overlays with UV resistance to provide outdoor durability. Various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses are available to create a custom graphic overlay to meet the strictest requirement.

Custom Panel Overlay Printing vs. Custom Touch Screen Overlay Printing

Not all graphic overlays are created equal. Many factors determine what graphic overlay construction will work best for your application. Working with a trusted custom graphic overlay manufacturer like Dyna-Graphics will ensure you get a product that meets your design requirements.

Control Panel Overlay Printing. Our proven printing techniques create durable, long-lasting custom control panel overlays for all types of devices. We offer multiple material options and special finishes to provide high chemical resistance, longer flex life, and extreme temperature resistance. Our control panel graphic overlay options are engineered for superior performance and built tough to withstand even the harshest working environments.

Touch Screen Overlay Printing. We offer a variety of custom touch screen overlay solutions. Everything from the display type, light source(s), and many other options can be customized to your exact specifications. Our custom graphic overlays for touch screens are durable and versatile enough for industrial equipment interfaces, medical touch screens, and everything in between.

Materials & Coatings for Custom Graphic Overlays

Further extend the life of your touch screen or membrane switch with durable custom coatings. We offer the option of polyester or polycarbonate material for control panels and touch screen overlays.

Polyester is a long-lasting, rugged material that resists chemicals and solvents. It is also highly resistant to cracks during flexing, providing a longer switch life.

Polycarbonate offers durability and high chemical and solvent resistance when combined with the proper coating. It provides many cosmetic advantages and may have the added benefit of being flame retardant.

control panel overlay manufacturing machine

Custom Graphic Overlay Printing for Any Application

Manufacturers across all industries rely on graphic overlays to improve the overall appearance of equipment and appliances. Using graphic overlays prevent moisture, dust, and debris from penetrating the switches or touch screens. Common applications for graphic overlays include:

  • Residential and commercial appliances
  • Machinery control panels
  • Medical equipment
  • HVAC equipment
  • Gas station pumps
  • Automotive dashboards

Custom graphic overlays from Dyna-Graphics provide an improved user experience by increasing the aesthetic appeal of your product’s interface. They can be designed to increase backlighting capabilities, add durability, and raise your brand awareness by including bright colors or logos.

Certified Quality Manufacturer of Graphic Overlays & Other Interface Solutions

Dyna-Graphics has the experts you can trust for custom graphic overlays that meet your unique application and performance requirements. Our certifications and accreditations include:

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • RoHS compliant
  • REACH certified
  • Conflict Minerals certified

We also design and manufacture membrane switches, rubber keypads, touch screens, and much more. Whatever your application, Dyna-Graphics has the custom interface solution you need. Request a quote or contact us today to get started on your graphic overlay project.

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