Custom Membrane Switches and Keypads

custom membrane switches construction

We supply custom-designed, custom-manufactured membrane switches to clients in a wide range of industries, from agricultural equipment to medical devices to scientific instrumentation and more.

We design and manufacture a custom membrane switch to meet your unique specifications, focusing on small- to medium-volume membrane switch production.

Founded in 1972, Dyna-Graphics Corporation evolved from a small screen printing company into an industry-leading membrane switch manufacturer.

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Custom Membrane Switch Panel Technology

As a turnkey membrane switch manufacturer, Dyna-Graphics has wide-ranging production capabilities. We can produce a broad array of custom membrane switch panels, as well as specialty models for unique or challenging applications. Our membrane switch capabilities include:

  • Metal dome tactile membrane switches
  • Non-tactile membrane switches
  • Plastic dome tactile membrane switches
  • K-Motion membrane switches (see below)

Specialty Membrane Switch Options

Depending on your need for backlighting and/or front panel illumination, Dyna-Graphics can produce custom membrane switch panels with embedded LEDs.

We can produce rugged, extra-durable membrane switch panels for applications where the membrane switch may be subject to hard use or abuse from sharp objects like screwdrivers, pens, or other pointed instruments that may be utilized by end users.

Features & Benefits of K-Motion Membrane Switch Panels

  • Dielectrically shielded to withstand voltage of 500 Volts DC for up to 120 seconds
  • Actuation testing of 5 million cycles with 10 mil Velvet Lexan overlay, showing no damage
  • Conductive silver pad areas separated by screened dielectric spacers; ideal in environments where low actuation forces are needed
  • Heat-stabilized 5 mil polyester material with 3M 200MP or 300MP adhesives
  • Silver-filled conductors with ultraviolet (UV) cured dielectric application

Non-Tactile Membrane Switch Panels

Dyna-Graphics produces custom non-tactile membrane switches for a wide variety of uses. A non-tactile membrane switch is one that does not provide any sort of snap action.

Dyna-Graphics' non-tactile membrane switch panels feature micro-travel action, with actuation forces in the 4- to 8-ounce range. Embedded LEDs can be attached to the conductive silver traces for display areas and lighted windows.

Our non-tactile membrane switches and metal dome tactile switches have been cycle tested well over five million times, ensuring high reliability and durability.

Membrane Switch Assembly Options

Full assembly including membrane switch, LCD, PCB, box and cable

Dyna-Graphics' manufacturing capabilities include an array of options to give customers complete, ready-to-use membrane switch panels.

We bring all the necessary parts and components together to create a finished product that meets your unique requirements: the membrane switch itself, a PCB as part of the assembly, a custom panel to support the switch and PCB, the exterior casing, LED lights, backlighting, waterproofing, and LCD display screens (if needed), fully installed wiring, mounting brackets, and more.

We can work with customer-supplied casings or manufacture them to order. Any custom assembly design your membrane switch requires, no matter how simple or complex, can be built to your exact specifications. Dyna-Graphics will work with you to devise the perfect custom assembly solution.

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Typical Membrane Switch Panel Specifications


  • Operating temperature: -4° to 149°F (-20° to 65°C)
  • Storage temperature: -40° to 185°F (-40° to 85°C)
  • Seals: 3M permanent acrylic adhesive resists against dust, water, oil and moisture conditions
  • Special sealing options are available for wet environments


  • Travel: 0.007” to 0.015”
  • Operating force: 4 oz. to 8 oz.


  • Operating voltage: 30 volts maximum
  • Operating current: 10 microamps to 100 milliamps, resistive
  • Closed circuit resistance: 100 ohms typical; dependent on size and layout
  • Open circuit resistance: 10 megohms
  • Operating power: 1 watt maximum
  • Circuitry: X-Y matrix or one side common

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