LED Membrane Switch & Touchscreen Systems for Exercise Equipment

Flat Membrane Switch panel for Fitness EquipmentDyna-Graphics' membrane switches and rubber keypads feature our new embedded LED technology, making them ideal for use in fitness equipment and exercise machines. Our in-house LED-embedding process places the display lights of our keypad switch units and membrane switches directly within the membranes themselves, leaving more room for additional components and configurations on the equipment's PCB assembly.

Our LED keypad and LED touch screen technology allows more computerized functions and features to be built into the system in the same amount of space.

Request a quote on LED keypad modules or touch screen terminals for your fitness application. Contact Dyna-Graphics to learn more.

LED Keypad & Membrane Switch Solutions for Fitness Applications 

  • User-friendly interface for elliptical machines, treadmills & other fitness equipment
  • Durable, reliable construction stands up to repeated use
  • Watertight to keep out moisture and ensure easy cleaning
  • Can be retrofit to work with your existing equipment
  • Digital printing on graphic overlays available to meet your design specifications
  • Custom design options available to match your exact needs. Contact us with your custom requirements

Custom LED Keypad Switches & LED Touchscreen Options

Our LED keypad units and LED touchscreen terminals are customizable right down to the light colors. Dyna-Graphics offers all available LED colors, including popular blue and white LEDs. All of our LED-embedding is done at our high-tech facility in Chaska, Minnesota, ensuring top quality construction.

Contact Us for LED Keypad & Touchscreen Technology

Dyna-Graphics is the leader in LED keypad and LED touchscreen technology. Request a quote on embedded LED solutions for your fitness equipment, or contact us to learn more.

Your Quality Human Machine Interface Solutions Manufacturer

Dyna-Graphics is an ISO 9001:2015 certified HMI (Human Machine Interface) solutions company. Additionally, all manufactured membrane switches and overlays are RoHS Compliant.

To improve the protection of human health and the environment posed by chemicals, Dyna-Graphics is proud to be REACH compliant and conflict minerals certified.

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