Rubber Keypad Backlighting Options

Though membrane switches can be more rugged, silicone keypads are economical and dependable options that can also offer backlighting.

Rubber keypad backlighting is used to provide solutions for various industries and applications, including remote controls, laboratory equipment, airplane dashboards, consumer appliances, and many others. Backlighting rubber keypads with Light Emitting diodes (LEDs) provides a long life, low power backlighting solution for your HMI needs. 

Why Use Rubber Keypad Backlighting

Backlit rubber keypads have numerous benefits for the user. They provide visibility in dark environments, allowing the user to identify buttons and prevent incorrect strokes. It also improves user interaction by adding emphasis to specific areas and making a keypad more appealing.

Backlit rubber keypads often utilize laser etching and light pipe technology to create the most effective backlighting. Laser etching is used when selective backlighting is required such as illuminating only the text or symbols on a key. Dyna-graphics utilizes a variety of manufacturing features to provide our customers with the perfect membrane keyboard solution.

LEDs Provide Cost-Effective Rubber Keypad Backlighting

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) consist of a two-lead semiconductor with a p-n junction diode. They are the most popular backlighting option and offer many benefits for silicone keypads, including low power consumption. Though LEDs add to the rubber keypad cost initially, they provide cost-savings over time because of their energy efficiency and long lives. 

Advantages of Light Emitting Diodes for Rubber Keypads:

  • Uniform lighting
  • Energy efficiency
  • Long-lasting
  • Versatile custom color options

Keypad Backlighting Applications

  • Industrial controls
  • Remote controls
  • Medical devices
  • Calculators
  • Key fobs
  • Consumer goods
  • Miscellaneous handheld products 

Contact Dyna-Graphics for Custom Rubber Keypad Backlighting

Dyna-Graphics can design and manufacture custom rubber keypads and keyboards for a variety of industries and applications. We have decades of experience working with keypad and membrane switch technology, and our experts can help you create the right silicone keypad for your application.

If you’re unsure of what backlighting technology is right for your rubber keypads, contact us to learn more or find a local representative.

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