Standard & Custom POS Touch Screen Technology

Dyna-Graphics manufactures both standard and customized touch screen POS (point of sale) systems. Our POS touch screen solutions are manufactured with acrylic or glass panels, and coated with electrically resistive and conductive layers. The individual layers in our POS touch screens are separated by a small space; when the screen is activated by touch, these layers connect, altering the electrical current between them to register and execute the new command.

Dyna-Graphics' Customizable POS Touch Screen Systems

Dyna-Graphics can create customized touch screen POS panels in any size your applications require. We can work with new designs, or reproduce obsolete designs through our reverse engineering capabilities. Whether you're looking for a single prototype or short- to long-run production, we can deliver pressure sensitive POS touch screens that match your unique specifications.

Our touch screen technology is designed to withstand both indoor and outdoor POS applications. We manufacture 4 wire, 5 wire, and 8 wire resistive touchscreens that are immune to humidity, moisture, and altitude, and are dust, chemical, and impact resistant. Our POS touch screen systems are highly accurate, with pressure sensitive screens designed for use with either fingers or a stylus.

Request a quote on standard or custom POS touch screen modules for your application, or contact Dyna-Graphics for more information on our advanced touch screen technology.

Features & Benefits of Dyna-Graphics’ POS Touch Screen Solutions

  • Standard or custom designs
  • Surface glare correction
  • Designed for indoor & outdoor POS applications
  • Reverse engineering brings obsolete designs back to life
  • Pressure sensitive technology
  • Custom screen sizes & layouts
  • Use with finger, stylus, and/or gloves
  • Any size production order
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturers
  • All POS touch screen systems are RoHS compliant

Touch Screens for POS Applications & More

Touch screens are commonly used in POS applications, as well as industrial automation, agricultural equipment, blood pressure monitors, portable electronic devices, and countless other applications. Dyna-Graphics can also deliver standard or custom membrane switch technology to further enhance your design.

Contact Us for POS Touch Screen Systems & More

Make Dyna-Graphics your first choice for touch screen POS solutions, membrane switches, rubber keypads, and more. Request a quote on POS touch screen technology, or contact Dyna-Graphics to discuss your HMI project.





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