Custom Conductive Rubber Keypads

conductive rubber keypads

Conductive Rubber Keypads Designed & Manufactured to Your Specifications

Dyna-Graphics designs and manufactures conductive rubber keypads and keyboards for a wide range of industries and applications. Working from our customers' unique specifications, we produce custom, integrated solutions that incorporate membrane switches, rubber keypads, and graphic overlays. We take pride in creating custom conductive rubber keypads that meet or exceed customer expectations.

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Benefits of Conductive Rubber Keypads

Conductive rubber keypads were developed in the 1980s for use in the electronics industry. They met the demand at the time for an inexpensive momentary contact switch solution. Conductive rubber keypads quickly became popular in numerous industries thanks to their exceptional tactile feel, extremely long working life, and, most importantly, their reliability in a wide range of applications and environments.

Conductive rubber keypads are:

  • Contamination resistant
  • Resistant to extreme heat and cold
  • Solvent, chemical, and steam resistant
  • Able to operate over a wide temperature and humidity range

Applications for Conductive Rubber Keypads

  • Medical devices
  • Consumer electronics
  • Computers & computer peripherals
  • Communications equipment
  • Electronic test equipment
  • Security monitoring systems
  • Handheld "smart" terminals
  • Office & business equipment
  • and more
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